Game Predictions & Player Projections - STL vs SEA

Game Predictions & Player Projections - STL vs SEA


Game Predictions & Player Projections - STL vs SEA


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Prediction: STL 3, SEA 31 (Line: SEA by 13)

This is a replay of week seven when the Seahawks won 28-26 in St. Louis. The Seahawks have homefield through out the playoffs with a win here. Done deal.

St. Louis Rams

1 MIN 6-34 10 @ARI 14-31
2 @TB 19-17 11 DEN 22-7
3 DAL 31-34 12 @SD 24-27
4 BYE —– 13 OAK 52-0
5 @PHI 28-34 14 @WAS 24-0
6 SF 17-31 15 ARI 6-12
7 SEA 28-26 16 NYG 27-37
8 @KC 7-34 17 @SEA —–
9 @SF 13-10  
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vs Rush Catch Pass

The Rams finish out already on a two game losing streak and still with the mediocre passing offense that has plagued this offense for years. Tre Mason has proven to be a solid addition though by no means a game changer so far. Decisions will be made regarding the quarterback spot though by now it seems apparent that Jeff Fisher doesn’t place a lot of value on the position and instead would prefer the great defense and solid rushing game. Those are being accomplished but until this offense can find success passing, the rushing game will never meet its potential.

QUARTERBACK : Austin Davis passed for 155 yards and two scores when the Seahawks visited in week seven. Shaun Hill took over in week 11 and has been right around 200 yards in almost every week and thrown eight scores over six weeks. The only stout defense he faced was the visiting Cardinals who held him scoreless on 229 yards at home.

RUNNING BACK : Tre Mason has been an upgrade that the rushing offense badly needed and his first decent game was when he ran for 85 yards and a score on 18 carries when the Seahawks visited. He’s since scored four more times and each one was in a home game. Mason has never scored or gained more than 65 rushing yards away from St. Louis.

WIDE RECEIVER : The Seahawks naturally shut this unit down. Kenny Britt was held to four yards on two catches while getting to know Richard Sherman. Tavon Austin had his standard two receptions for nine yards and Chris Givens caught a 30 yard pass. Brian Quick rounded it out with 33 yards on two catches. This group is marginal when facing a poor secondary. Going against the #1 just closes the windows and locks the doors.

TIGHT END : Jared Cook only managed three receptions for 25 yards in that meeting. But his three scores were all in road games and he;s been at least marginally better away from home. Lance Kendricks only caught two passes for 17 yards but one was a touchdown against the Seahawks.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: There is no denying that the Seahawks are peaking and playing there is going to be a bad experience. There is no suggested play here. Not even Mason since the Seahawks at home have been brutal against the run.

Gaining Fantasy Points STL 28 21 28 9 22 6
Preventing Fantasy Points SEA 1 8 1 16 2 5

Seattle Seahawks

1 GB 36-16 10 NYG 39-17
2 @SD 21-30 11 @KC 20-24
3 DEN 26-20 12 ARI 19-3
4 BYE —– 13 @SF 19-3
5 @WAS 27-17 14 @PHI 24-14
6 DAL 23-30 15 SF 17-7
7 @STL 26-28 16 @ARI 35-6
8 @CAR 13-9 17 STL —–
9 OAK 30-24  
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vs Rush Catch Pass

The Seahawks are peaking at exactly the right time and locking up homefield advantage is going to make them tough to keep out of the Super Bowl.The defense has held four of the last five opponents to seven points or less and the offense is clicking in whatever way it wants to click. With a bye week waiting and no plane flights for a month, this is a great game to show the league that the Seahawks are the team to beat.

QUARTERBACK : Russell Wilson’s best game of the year was when he passed for 313 yard and two scores in St. Louis and added 106 yards and a score as a runner. Wilson scored in all but one game this year and ratchets up the yardage when the need arises or sometime when he wants to make a point like last week when he threw for 339 yards and two scores on the Cardinals who also let him run for 88 yards and a score.

RUNNING BACK : Marshawn Lynch was held to only 53 yards on 18 runs by the Rams and he gained 18 yards on two receptions. Lynch has been rolling up big yards and scoring ten times over the last eight games and his one lone bad showing was when he only ran for 39 yards on the Cardinals. He paid them back last week with 113 yards and two scores. Lynch has been much more likely to score in home games this year.

WIDE RECEIVER : These are some of the least productive wideout in the NFL mostly because they are just not needed in most games. Jermaine Kearse has a hamstring strain and will miss this game. Paul Richardson will take his play and Kearse gained 50 yards on three catches in the last meeting with the Rams. Richardson had 33 yards on four catches himself while Doug Baldwin had a season best 123 yards and one score on seven receptions in that game. Baldwin is the only wideout with anything close to fantasy value and even it is marginal.

TIGHT END : The tight ends have no real value here but Cooper Helfet scored once on his three catches for 61 yards in St. Louis this year. Of the six touchdowns scored by the position, five came in road games. Luke Wilson was quiet all year and just had a career best 139 yards and two scores on just three catches last week.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Have to like this home game against a beat up Rams team. Wilson and Lynch are the only obvious starts though Wilson could be considered if he can repeat recent production.

Gaining Fantasy Points SEA 5 10 30 21 7 25
Preventing Fantasy Points STL 11 9 30 5 15 31

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