Daily Fantasy Domination: Divisional Week

Daily Fantasy Domination: Divisional Week


Daily Fantasy Domination: Divisional Week


Wow wildcard week lived up to its name. Big Ben Roethlisberger let down playoff fantasy dreams while the other favorites all gasped at some point in each of their games. What this should suggest is that nobody is 100% safe this week either. I would not be surprised to watch Tony Romo lead his charges into Lambeau and upset a gimpy Aaron Rodgers. I also could easily see Cam Newton upsetting Seattle in what should be one of the lowest scoring playoff games in history. We all know that Bill Belichick is sweating bullets at the thought of facing Joe Flacco and the Ravens. Even Peyton Manning is not immune as Andrew Luck could be sitting on a divisional upset.

The Millionaire Maker is back at DK this week, with a smaller field and a $100 price tag. The higher cost will certainly scare away the regular middling players, making this one a full tank of sharks and guppies. Obviously it is your goal to be the one on the higher end of the food pyramid. With a much smaller player pool this one is definitely winnable. What concerns me is that it is already above 25% registration. Keeping this one under 50% would be optimum but not likely. At 65% (where I expect it will close), roughly one in four will still be guaranteed $150 back. You will definitely make money using our recommendations but this is not exactly a huge return on investment as this tourney is very top-heavy. Even just to double your money you’d have to finish as one in ten.

Also if you have an extra $5300 sitting in your DK account, you can play the $250K Thunder Dome. For this contest one in five will nearly double their investment and one out of fifty will hit six-figures. For the non-nose-bleeders amongst us, the only other six-figure pay day comes in the $700K Divisional Clash. With a minimal $20 investment, even if this tourney fills, one in five players will double their money. That should be a free $20 for every entry you make in this tourney – that could add up fast.

FanDuel has only one tourney paying six-figures this week. This tourney is already more than 50% filled meaning that it will likely fill out leaving zero overlays. One in five players is looking at doubling their $25 investment making it a safe play. Just make sure you get some action in this tourney before it books out.

FantasyScore once again offers two GPP games this week. Both will fill out, and neither pays huge, but each has a roughly one in five double up payout.

So what all this means, is that your best bet this week, is a whole lot of entries in these lower dollar tourneys. You will almost assuredly double up multiple times and make a nice little profit. You won’t be an instant millionaire but you’ll tidy up your post-holiday bank account. Not to mention that you still have a shot at a six-figure payday.



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