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It’s an extremely light news day, with most of the NFL talk centered around the courtroom and negotiations between the league and NFLPA regarding Tom Brady. The league wants Brady to admit he did something wrong; Brady doesn’t. Right now four games—and Jimmy Garoppolo’s fantasy value for at least the month of September—hang in the balance.

Chris Johnson sighting? The former CJ2K is considering an offer to join the Arizona Cardinals, who are thin at running back with Andre Ellington (already? shees), rookie David Johnson and backup Marion Grice all battling hamstring issues. “I wasn’t that fired up about the running backs’ performances Saturday,” Cards coach Bruce Arians said. “(The) ball was on the ground, not hitting holes.” Even if Arizona signs Johnson they would lack a true between-the-tackles back, but at least they’d have a guy with two healthy hamstrings.

If Rex Ryan’s crystal ball is accurate, LeSean McCoy will become just the third player in NFL history to record 1,000 rushing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same season. “He can dominate a game in the passing game and the running game, so that’s what we’re going to use him for, that Marshall Faulk,” Ryan told the NFL Network. “Does he have 1,000 receiving and 1,000 rushing? That’s a real possibility.” McCoy has rushed for 1,000 yards four times in his career but has never topped 600 receiving yards. And it’s a stretch to assume the Bills’ quarterback triumvirate can throw for enough yardage this season that McCoy can claim a 1K share. But hey, never hurts to try.

Houston has yet to settle its quarterback battle. Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett continue to share first-team reps, and Texans coach Bill O’Brien has yet to announce which will start the preseason opener Saturday—as if that even matters. “Do not read too much into who’s starting that game,” O’Brien told the Houston Chronicle. “Both guys are even. We’re trying to be very fair. I think we are. I believe that both guys understand that, and both guys have had an equal amount of reps.” Of course, for fantasy owners the correct answer to this question is “neither”, but it does matter who’ll be throwing the ball to DeAndre Hopkins.

Finally, the Chargers are apparently ready to tag Philip Rivers in both 2016 and 2017 if that’s what it takes to keep him in… well, with the team working diligently to get out of San Diego, let’s just say with the team. According to NFL Network, Rivers and the team are getting closer to a new contract so the point may be moot. The Chargers have $55 million reasons over the next two years to push for a better deal.

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