Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs. SF

Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs. SF


Game Predictions & Player Projections - GB vs. SF


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Prediction: GB 30, SF 17 (Line: GB by 8.5)

UPDATE: Vernon Davis did not practice this week and is not expected to play. He is removed from the projections. Davante Adams was also unable to practice this week. He is listed as questionable but not expected to play. Reggie Bush returns this week and has been added to the projections. He may have a bigger role versus the Packers as a receiver buit he’s played so little this season his role is not certain.

The Packers cruise to 3-0 and now hit a softer spot in the schedule starting with this game. The 49ers looked great in the season opener and then as bad as any team in the last two weeks. The Packers are heavily favored though the 49ers are at home where they notched their only win. The 49ers offense was so bad last week that it is hard to imagine shaking that in just seven days.

Green Bay Packers

1 @CHI 31-23 10 DET ——
2 SEA 27-17 11 @MIN ——
3 KC 38-28 12 CHI ——
4 @SF —— 13 @DET ——
5 STL —— 14 DAL ——
6 SD —— 15 @OAK ——
7 BYE —— 16 @ARI ——
8 @DEN —— 17 MIN ——
9 @CAR ——  
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GB @ SF Rush Catch Pass
QB Aaron Rodgers 300,2
RB Eddie Lacy 50,1 2-10
RB James Starks 40 1-10
WR Randall Cobb 8-120,1
WR James Jones 5-70,1
WR Ty Montgomery 4-50
TE Jared Cook 4-50
TE Richard Rodgers 3-20
PK Mason Crosby 3 FG 3 XP

This could be a let down spot for the Packers after three nice wins and coming off a short week. But the 49ers don’t appear to pose a big threat to the winning streak. But even after this game comes two more home stands before the Week 7 bye. The schedule turns tougher afterwards with six road trips over nine games but the Packers already look bigger than anyone on their schedule other than the interesting Week 17 matchup in Arizona.

QUARTERBACK : Aaron Rodgers had a slow start in 2014 but not so this season. He’s already thrown ten scores and never fewer than two per game. He comes off a monster five touchdown win over the Chiefs and doesn’t seem to miss Jordy Nelson as much as anticipated.

RUNNING BACK : Eddie Lacy was able to play on Monday night but he was limited to only 10 carries for 46 yards while James Starks ran 17 times for 32 yards. Lacy is not completely over his ankle sprain and since this is a short week, the pair could see split carries again this week. It is the worst of all worlds but taking it careful with Lacy is prudent. He’ll return to two good home games the next weeks.

I’ll assume a split again this week but revert to just Lacy of he looks solid in practices.

WIDE RECEIVER : Randall Cobb comes off his first career three-touchdown game when he ended with seven catches for 91 yards in the win over the Chiefs. James Jones turned in seven receptions for 139 yards as well and has now scored in all three games this year. Davante Adams re-injured his ankle and had no catches on Monday night. Ty Montgomery subbed in and scored but only caught two passes for 14 yards.

I’ll hold Davante Adams from the projections until he can practice and is likely to play. Cobb and Jones continue to dominate the fantasy value here anyway.

TIGHT END : Richard Rogers is stuck at 25 yard games and offers no real fantasy value. Andrew Quarless is the blocking tight end and will miss the next month or more with a sprained MCL which will have some impact on the rushing offense.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The 49ers were just ravaged by both Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer so the entire set of Packers are starts as they should be every week. This is the same defense that also allowed five rushing touchdowns in just the last two games for DeAngelo Williams (3) and Chris Johnson (2). A healthy Lacy would be a lock for a nice game here but the split will limit his opportunities.

Gaining Fantasy Points GB 2 22 1 25 4 28
Preventing Fantasy Points SF 20 28 30 11 10 30

San Francisco 49ers

1 MIN 20-3 10 BYE ——
2 @PIT 18-43 11 @SEA ——
3 @ARI 7-47 12 ARI ——
4 GB —— 13 @CHI ——
5 @NYG —— 14 @CLE ——
6 BAL —— 15 CIN ——
7 SEA —— 16 @DET ——
8 @STL —— 17 STL ——
9 ATL ——  
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SF vs GB Rush Catch Pass
QB Colin Kaepernick 50 200,1
RB Reggie Bush 20 4-30
RB Carlos Hyde 80,1 3-20
WR Anquan Boldin 5-60
WR Torrey Smith 5-70,1
PK Phil Dawson 1 FG 2 XP

Week 1 was the aberration. These 49ers look as out of synch and dysfunctional as was expected for a team that went through so much upheaval and turmoil in the offseason. The rushing success of the season opener completely disappeared though more from a lack of opportunity. Colin Kaepernick comes off the worst game of his career and now has to face a 3-0 team. Back at home these 49ers are sure to be better but there doesn’t seem much to work with in the offense.

QUARTERBACK : Colin Kaepernick is in store for a bounce back game this week. He has to since he could not be any worse and remain on the field. In Arizona, he threw four interceptions and two were returned for a touchdown. He completed 9-of-19 passes for 67 yards. He did run in a touchdown but that hardly made up for the colossal bed wetting that he laid down. He was never pulled from the game and likely won’t thanks to Blaine Gabbert being the back-up. Same passing talent, much less rushing ability.

RUNNING BACK : Carlos Hyde looked powerful when he ran for 168 yards and two touchdowns in the opener. And then reality set in and Hyde has just 94 yards on 28 carries over the last two weeks. He’ll be back at home this time which will help. But chances are good that the 49ers are going to fall far behind and they will abandon the rushing game. That might be true in most games.

Reggie Bush was out with a calf injury last week but may return. He’s of dubious value anyway and I will include him later in the week if he practices.

WIDE RECEIVER : Throwing for 67 yards sort of took the wind out of everyone’s sails last week. Both Anquan Boldin (6-60, TD) and Torrey Smith (6-120, TD) had decent showing entirely during trash time against the terrible Steelers defense but have been terrible otherwise. Smith in particular since the free agent prize only caught one pass in total from the other two games. Short of trash time against a very weak secondary, there is never a reason to consider this group for a fantasy starter.

TIGHT END : Vernon Davis is no better than 2014. He has yet to score and topped out at 62 yards on five catches at the end of the loss to the Steelers. He had no catches last week and suffered a knee injury that kept him out at times. He should play this week but that doesn’t mean much.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: Carlos Hyde is still worth a flex start this week against the Packers. Otherwise, the only possible play would be Torrey Smith hoping he could end up with the same slop that allowed Jeremy Maclin to look serviceable last week. But that is a huge risk for a team that had its confidence shredded the last two weeks.

Gaining Fantasy Points SF 26 19 27 19 30 27
Preventing Fantasy Points GB 18 22 11 20 16 1

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