Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs. CIN

Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs. CIN


Game Predictions & Player Projections - KC vs. CIN


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Prediction: KC 20, CIN 31 (Line: CIN by 3.5)

The 1-2 Chiefs lost their last two games and catch no breaks with this matchup. The Bengals are 3-0 and home for just the second time this year. The Chiefs remain too one dimensional on offense and are too soft against passing to remain in this game and are on a short week as well.

Kansas City Chiefs

1 @HOU 27-20 10 @DEN ——
2 DEN 24-31 11 @SD ——
3 @GB 28-38 12 BUF ——
4 @CIN —— 13 @OAK ——
5 CHI —— 14 SD ——
6 @MIN —— 15 @BAL ——
7 PIT —— 16 CLE ——
8 DET —— 17 OAK ——
9 BYE ——  
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KC @ CIN Rush Catch Pass
QB Alex Smith 230,2
RB Jamaal Charles 70 5-30,1
WR Jeremy Maclin 5-60
TE Travis Kelce 6-90,1
PK Cairo Santos 2 FG 2 XP

The Chiefs offense scored more than usual on Monday night but it mostly came at the end of the already decided game. Alex Smith was unable to generate much for the first three quarters and as usual Jamaal Charles provided most of the offense early on. This is the end of a brutal three game stretch and then the schedule gets far easier starting with hosting the Bears in Week 5. That will help the Chiefs look better and yet they still don’t measure up against the best teams.

QUARTERBACK : Alex Smith threw for 290 yards and one score in Green Bay and even broke the curse of the wideouts when Jeremy Maclin had the first wide receiver touchdown since 2013. But Smith was sacked seven times on Monday night and threw an interception. Smith can handle the offense when the teams are equally competitive and when the Chiefs have the lead. But he still lags when the team needs the passing game to shine.

RUNNING BACK : Jamaal Charles only ran for 49 yards on 11 carries in Green Bay but scored three touchdowns and added 33 yards on five catches. He’s scored in every game this year despite the tough matchups. Last week, Knile Davis never had any carries. He’s already been golden each week and just has to get through this matchup before hitting an easier stretch in the schedule.

WIDE RECEIVER : In a night of magic and wonderment, Jeremy Maclin caught eight passes for 141 yards and … and a touchdown. He kept the ball all the way back to the sidelines probably because no one knew what to do with it. That was the first Chiefs score by a wide receiver since 2013 and that was also the only performance this year by any Chiefs wideout of any consequence. And it wasn’t that meaningful either since Maclin had no catches at half-time and didn’t start catching the ball until the Packers were already ahead 31-7.

It may not be the start of something big, but at least it is the end of something embarrassing.

TIGHT END : Travis Kelce remains the most targeted player in most weeks and comes off a six catch, 80 yard effort in Denver. Kelce hasn’t scored since the opener. But he remains good for around 60 yards or more each week and that alone qualifies him as a must start.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Bengals have been very good against the run and not allowed any rushing scores this year (though Marcel Reece caught two). They are only allowed 3.7 yards per rush but Charles is a must start with receiving yards to add to his total. The Bengals were great against the pass until Steve Smith schooled them last week for a monster game. Charles, Maclin and Kelce are still the only three Chiefs worth considering and all three have a shot at a decent game.

Gaining Fantasy Points KC 23 4 30 3 25 16
Preventing Fantasy Points CIN 17 16 19 9 9 13

Cincinnati Bengals

1 @OAK 33-13 10 HOU ——
2 SD 24-19 11 @ARI ——
3 @BAL 28-24 12 STL ——
4 KC —— 13 @CLE ——
5 SEA —— 14 PIT ——
6 @BUF —— 15 @SF ——
7 BYE —— 16 @DEN ——
8 @PIT —— 17 BAL ——
9 CLE ——  
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CIN vs KC Rush Catch Pass
QB Jared Crick
QB Andy Dalton 10 280,3
RB Giovani Bernard 40 3-20
RB Jeremy Hill 40 2-20
WR A.J. Green 7-120,1
TE Tyler Eifert 5-50,1
PK Zach Hocker 2 FG 2 XP
PK Mike Nugent 1 FG 4 XP

Big win in Baltimore than helps keep the Bengals clearly in the lead for the AFC North again this year. The backfield remains productive even if it isn’t how it was expected and Andy Dalton is clearly enjoying his good part of the season. After this week it gets rough with the Seahawks and then a trip to Buffalo. But the Bengals are playing well on both sides of the ball and this week offers a respite against an opponent on a short week.

QUARTERBACK : Andy Dalton catches plenty of grief each season but hard to argue with his 2015 season to date. He’s thrown for eight scores over three games and comes off a 383 yard effort in Baltimore where he added a rushing score to the the three passing touchdowns. This week he faces a secondary that has allowed eight scores over the last two weeks.

RUNNING BACK : This is the interesting part of the team. Despite owning the NFL over the final half of the 2014 NFL season, Jeremy Hill has struggled and only accounted for 21 yards on 12 carries in Baltimore. He is averaging just 3.0 yards per carry after finishing last season with 5.1 yards. He was held out of the second half after fumbling as if that disciplinary measure made a difference to a grown man who has spent his entire life playing football. But OC Hue Jackson insists that Hill remains the primary back and that Giovani Bernard is the third down back.

The plan going into last week was to ride Hill more than Week 2. But Bernard ended with 13 runs for 49 yards and was the starter against the Chargers when he gained 123 yards on 20 carries like he was supposed to do before the Bengals just opted to draft another running back in Hill.

There is no real controversy here. Hill has already proven last year that he is not only better than Bernard, but able to be an elite runner in the NFL. That’s not likely to happen this week against a very good rushing defense or for the two games after that. But Hill remains a talented back that should pick it back up after the Week 7 bye when the schedule improves.

WIDE RECEIVER : A.J. Green destroyed the Ravens last week when he caught ten passes for 227 yards and two scores. He was often in single coverage which alone is amazing. Most of his success came in the second half but he blew up starting with an 80-yard touchdown catch. Marvin Jones scored in the game as well with 94 yards on five receptions. The tough schedule is going to limit Green in many games but not this week. This will be an easier secondary when the Chiefs come to town.

TIGHT END : Tyler Eifert was blanked last week though he had three targets and his touchdown catch was denied thanks to the “catch rule” that requires players to catch it “for a long time”. Eifert already scored three times this season but comes off a rare bad game.

MATCH TO THE DEFENSE: The Chiefs have been solid against the run this year. No running back has scored, none have more than 46 rushing yards and only one had more than one catch. And the Bengals are going to be splitting carries anyway. But the Chiefs secondary has been their weak link and not only have they allowed eight passing scores over the last two weeks, but CB Philip Gaines left the game last week with a sprained knee and may not play here. He would have matched on A.J. Green. Consider Bernard and Hill as risky moderate plays for yardage and no scores. But Green, Dalton and even Jones are viable starters this week.

Gaining Fantasy Points CIN 3 16 8 7 18 17
Preventing Fantasy Points KC 32 3 32 8 18 22

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