Upon Further Review: Week 4

Upon Further Review: Week 4


Upon Further Review: Week 4


Chatting up players of interest

Just to dive deeper into players of interest, Upon Further Review will look at five players each week with a discussion involving John Tuvey and David Dorey. We’ll keep an eye for the players that interest us the most or that we apparently disagree about. Like to make a suggestion? Go to the Start Bench List for a link. If we get enough requests, we’ll happily include players the most people want examined more.

(Due to an unavoidable circumstance, only David will be taking a longer look at these players for this week.)

Mike Evans (7-60-1; Fringe Fantasy Play)

I can understand the Fringe Assignment since the Panthers have only allowed two passing touchdowns this year and Jameis Winston is stuck at just one touchdown per week. The touchdown is the biggest part of the difference and as in many cases, I like the Buccaneers to throw one score. That favors Evans the most since he gets a huge chunk of the targets. It could happen in trash time as well. Evans has big talent and he scored in Carolina last year. But he’s undoubtedly risky given a rookie quarterback and facing a solid secondary in their stadium. And the touchdown may favor him more than anyone else but that is certainly no guarantee. So can you live with around 60 yards?

Jarvis Landry (8-80-0; Solid Starter)

Eight catches for 80 yards is a pretty solid starter and maybe even more in a reception points league. The Jets have great corners but Landry plays the slot and avoids those matchups usually and he’s the most targeted Dolphin receiver who has caught eight passes in every game. I don’t see any real conflict here. He doesn’t catch a lot of touchdowns and scored in only four games last year. He’s a solid start but doesn’t have a ton of upside. Not a lot of downside usually. He is always solid in a reception point league and less so if they are not rewarded.

Jeremy Hill (60 combo yards; Solid Starter)

This is due to fall. Hill faces a defense that has yet to allow any runner more than 46 yards and none have scored on the Chiefs. Hill is a risk anyway with the recent success of Giovani Bernard. Who knows what happens if his recent timeout for fumbling is followed by another fumble. Hill is a low grade starter this week with more downside than upside. He has obvious talent but the his situation this week is all uphill.

Andre Ellington (80 combo yards, TD; Fringe Fantasy Play)

Ellington is a fringe play. When I made the original projection, I assumed he would be healthier but his PCL is still an issue and he’s been limited in practice and considered only “50/50” to play this week. I will be reducing his projections later today when the injury report comes out and I do the Friday updates. I would not recommend him at this point – at best he plays and shares and at worst he waits until next week.

Chris Johnson (50 yards; Solid Starter)

Related to Ellington obviously, I’ll be upgrading Johnson with the Friday updates. He’ll be more of a solid start then. This is not a bad matchup with the Rams on the road, the only caveat is it all depends if Ellington can play and how much if he does. Certainly if Ellington does not play, then Johnson becomes a solid start at the least and has upside for a really good game.

Eli Manning (280 yards, 2 TD; Great Start)

Not sure I see any contradiction here. The Bills have allowed at least two passing scores to each opponent and no fewer than 243 passing yards. Coincidentally, Manning threw for two scores in his last two games and 292 and 279 yards in those matchups. This is not a bad matchup for Manning and falls right in line with what he’s been producing and what the Bills have been allowing. If I could get 280 yards and two scores each week from my quarterback, I’d be really okay with that.

Marvin Jones (7-90-1; Solid Starter)

The difference here I assume is that seven catches for 90 yards and one score is more than a solid starter – I would probably agree. The part about Jones that is attractive this week is that the Chiefs have been shredded for eight passing scores over their last two games and seven of those went to wide receivers. Jones plays the same flanker that Emmanuel Sanders (8-87, 2 TD) and Randall Cobb (7-91, 3 TD) did in those two games. Granted, he has Andy Dalton instead of Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers, but he is in a really good situation this week. Have to also like that A.J. Green comes off one of his career best games (10-227, 2 TD) last week and that might cause the Chiefs to pay more attention to him.


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