Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 8

Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 8


Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 8


One of the most frustrating parts of DFS is not being able to fit all of your star players under the designated salary. Each week The Huddle will look at several value picks and sleepers at each position that could help you free up some valuable cap space for the studs you want to play.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6600 11% 15.3%
DraftKings $5000 10% 16.6%
FantasyScore $5600 11.2% 17.8%

The Chiefs match up against a hobbling Detroit Lions team on Sunday, which should be an optimal matchup for Alex Smith to put up some big numbers; while Smith has been consistently decent, he is probably one of the best valued starting quarterbacks this week against a Lions defense that has given up the 24th most passing yards. It’s a rough week for QBs price tags in DFS, but the Chiefs will have a healthy Jeremy Maclin against a Lions team that is finally clicking on offense. Lacking Jamaal Charles, a shootout would be optimal here for Smith.

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  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6900 11.5% 15.3%
DraftKings $5300 10.6% 16.6%
FantasyScore $5400 10.8% 17.8%

It’s crazy that Hoyer is valued higher than Smith, but it’s probably due to having Hopkins on the other end of his passes. Last week Hoyer was able to post reasonable stats, but only in garbage time – otherwise he would have had a very poor outing. Hoyer has somehow managed to throw eight TD passes over the last three weeks, and only two interceptions. The Titans have one of the better pass defenses in the league, but after last week’s blowout loss against the Dolphins and all of this week’s drama surrounding Mallet – the Texans need a win now more than ever. With Arian Foster out again for the season, expect the Texans to come out throwing and Mallet to post decent numbers.

Other Quarterback Considerations

Eli Manning takes on a struggling Saints team this week. While he is priced a little bit higher, he could very well have one of the best Point/$ values this week if he and Brees go toe to toe. The Saints currently boast the 26th best passing defense in the league.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6400 10.6% 15.1%
DraftKings $3800 7.6% 16.6%
FantasyScore $5600 11.2% 17.4%

Run DMC posted 31 touches last week against the Giants with lots of success. Jerry Jones has stated that McFadden will start this week against the Seattle Seahawks, and while the matchup is anything but ideal, the Cowboys will stay committed to him as they try to relieve the pressure from Matt Cassel who struggled tremendously last week against a middle of the road Giants defense. McFadden is by no means a flashy pick against the league’s #6 rushing defense, but the Cowboys will stay committed to him, and in Draft Kings leagues at 7.6% he’s a phenomenal value.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5800 9.7% 15.1%
DraftKings $4200 8.4% 16.6%
FantasyScore $5600 11.2% 17.4%

When the Browns fall behind, Johnson becomes an optimal target on offense. Since Week 3 he has caught the ball 31 times on 36 targets. The Cardinals come to town this week, and the Browns will surely have their hands full. There is a chance that Manziel could start this weekend, and if that’s the case he will need to lean on the weapons around him. Look for Duke to get involved heavily in the second half passing game as the Browns play from behind.

Other Running Back Considerations

While James Starks has continued to miss practice and could potentially miss the Denver matchup this weekend, he is a fantastic value pick as McCarthy has stated he will continue to go with the hot hand. Lacy owners have been irked seeing Starks get the ball, but he’s made the most of his opportunities. With Arian Foster going down, Alfred Blue once again becomes a fantastic midseason option for DFS players. He is price in the 10% range right now, and though it’s hard to imagine him jump starting an already struggling Texans rushing attack, he will get a bulk of the carries and could take advantage of a weak Titans’ run defense.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6700 11.1% 15.3%
DraftKings $6100 12.2% 18.4%
FantasyScore $7000 14% 17.6%

With the amount of passing that has been happening in San Diego, it’s hard to imagine a game where the Ravens don’t target Smith 10 times – he’s had 16, 17, 7, 10, and 9 targets over the past few weeks, and will look to see another 10+ this week. 11.1% and 12.2% are definitely on the pricier side in FanDuel and DraftKings leagues, but if we’re talking about pure dollar per point value picks this weekend, Smith could easily finish as Sunday’s #1 receiver at 4-6% cheaper than Julio Jones. The price point is just at that sweet spot where you’re paying WR2 dollars for a Top 5 WR in Week 8.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6400 10.6% 15.3%
DraftKings $5300 10.6% 18.4%
FantasyScore $6500 13% 17.6%

If you omit last week’s matchup against the Patriots, Decker has hauled in a TD pass every game he’s played this season. Heading to Oakland where he will match up against the Raiders’ worst pass defense in the league, Decker should easily get back on track. The Raiders have no depth at corner to help cover the Jets’ WR tandem, and Charles Woodson will be doing what he can to limit Brandon Marshal’s production. For 10% of your salary, Decker should buy you at least five catches, 50+ yards and a TD.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5100 8.5% 15.3%
DraftKings $3500 7% 18.4%
FantasyScore $4000 8% 17.6%

Over the past two games, Royal has seen a dramatic increase in his offensive role. The Bears take on the division rival Vikings in Week 8, and Royal will look to continue his success coming out of the bye week. He’s not a nice sure-thing pick for your double up leagues, but he’s a great WR3 flier in your tournaments where you’re looking to build that unique lineup that will swing for the fences.


  Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5500 9.1% 14%
DraftKings $5200 10.4% 16%
FantasyScore $6200 12.4% 16.4%

Matt Cassel struggled last week, no doubt. He looked Witten’s way eight times as he tried to find someone to help him with short yardage passing situations. Like McFadden, Cassel will surely lean on Witten again to try and have a more successful outing this week. If the Cowboys fall behind early, expect Witten to get a lot of check-down passes as Cassel struggles to pull the trigger downfield. He’s priced well in FanDuel and Draft Kings leagues for a very reliable 10+ points.

Other Tight End Considerations

Eric Ebron had a monster game against the Vikings last week and will look to take advantage of a Chiefs defense that has all but shut down TEs so far this season. The matchup isn’t ideal, but if Megatron and Tate are the focus of the defense, than Ebron could benefit heavily down the middle.


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