2016 NFL Calendar

2016 NFL Calendar


2016 NFL Calendar


Feb. 16 First day to designate Franchise/Transition players
Feb. 26 NFL Combine – RB, OL, ST
Feb. 27 NFL Combine – QB, WR, TE
Feb. 28 NFL Combine – DE, LB
Feb. 29 NFL Combine – DL, DB
Mar. 1 Deadline to designate Franchise/Transition players
Mar. 7 2015 Contracts expire, teams may contact player agents and negotiate new contracts.
Mar. 9 Unrestricted Free Agency begins. Top 51 Rule applies (teams must remain below 2016 NFL salary cap for top 51 players). Deadline for teams to submit qualifying offers to Restricted Free Agents. Trading period opens.
Mar. 15 2016 NFL year officially starts. Free Agent contracts may begin to be executed with new club.
Mar. 20 – Mar. 23 NFL Annual Meeting
Apr. 4 Franchises with new head coaches start offseason programs
Apr. 18 Franchises with returning head coaches start offseason programs
Apr. 28 NFL Draft – Round 1
Apr. 29 NFL Draft – Rounds 2 – 3
Apr.30 NFL Draft – Rounds 4 – 7
May 6 – May 9 Rookie Minicamps
May 13 – May 16 Rookie Minicamps
May 23 – May 25 NFL Spring Meeting
June 19 – June 25 Rookie Symposium
July 15 Deadline for teams to sign Franchise-tagged players to long-term contracts
Aug. 7 Hall of Fame Game

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