Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 1

Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 1

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Daily Sleepers and Value Plays: Week 1


One of the most frustrating parts of DFS is not being able to fit all of your star players under the designated salary. Each week The Huddle will look at several value picks and sleepers at each position that could help you free up some valuable cap space for the studs you want to play. ”#1’s % of Cap” refers to the most expensive player at that position.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $7200 12% 15%
DraftKings $6900 13.8% 17%

Probably one of the most listed players in the DFS Value Pick column last season, Taylor is picking up right where he left off. Buffalo’s recently extended QB comes into Week 1 of the 2016 season as a safe, but much more affordable pick than counterparts Cam Newton or Aaron Rodgers, with 11-13% of your salary. In 2015 he was consistently able to put together boom or bust games of what seemed like 12 points, or 30 points. Taylor should be very consistent both through the air, and on the ground this week against the Ravens, especially for the price.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $6900 11.5% 15%
DraftKings $5600 11.2% 17%

That’s right folks, RG3. This isn’t a joke.  And he’s The Huddle’s 13th ranked quarterback this week as he mounts his comeback campaign with the Cleveland Browns. Averaging around 10.5% of your salary (which is 5-8.2% less than the best quarterback), RG3 has a great matchup this week against the Philadelphia Eagles, who ironically have a potentially worse QB situation with a rookie starting under center (and to really add to the bulletin board material, Hue Jackson is doing everything he can to dodge questions about how he needed a QB, but didn’t want Wentz). While we aren’t quite sure what to expect from RG3, we know that for 9-11% of your salary, he’s worth taking a gamble on in a few of your tournament leagues at the least.

Other Quarterback Considerations

Derek Carr isn’t the cheapest quarterback this week by any means, but he won’t cost you 17% of your salary, and he is The Huddle’s highest rated quarterbacks going into Week One. While the Saints have made an effort to improve on defense, Sunday’s game should be a shoot out. Carr could put up the most points of any QB this week, which should justify the middle of the road price tag.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5400 9% 14.8%
DraftKings $4400 8.8% 15.6%

DFS players get lucky with RBs Week 1 this season, as many DFS companies released their prices before Week 1 injury reports. While it looks like Charles is working his way back to healthy, Andy Reid has said he will be out this week – giving Ware the nod. For 5.4%-9% of your salary, Ware could easily provide RB1 numbers against the San Diego Chargers this week. Last season Ware put up a tremendous performance against SD in Week 11, followed by impressive outings against the Bills and Raiders. For a fraction of what Todd Gurley costs you, roll the dice.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $4800 8% 14.8%
DraftKings $3700 7.4% 15.6%

What a week to need value at starting RBs. Thomas Rawls is on the mend, but it appears as though Michael will start this week for the Seahawks. The Dolphins’ defense is coming back healthy, but with Michael as low in 4% in RT Daily leagues, and 8% in DK and FD leagues, the value is almost too good to overlook. Ranked 12th for running backs this week, Michael is listed as Seattle’s starter on their initial depth chart. Watch this situation leading up to Sunday to see how it shakes out, but if Michael is still sitting at the top come game time and things aren’t looking good for Rawls, he could be a great compliment to a more expensive back like Elliot or Martin.

Other Running Back Considerations

While Isaiah Crowell looks to start for the Browns, Duke Johnson Jr. remains a primary target in their passing game. Another favorite here on the DFS Value column, Johnson had 61 receptions last season for the Browns. Head Coach Hue Jackson has no aversion to RBBC (ala Bernard & Hill), and loves getting RBs involved in the passing game early, which could lead to Johnson having a very promising week.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5500 9.1% 15.5%
DraftKings $4600 9.2% 19.6%

Speaking of Ex-Bengals, Marvin Jones heads to Detroit as the #2 WR, filling the role left by Calvin Johnson (that Golden Tate III has filled, to the best of his abilities). For the first few weeks of the season, I expect the Lions skill players to be very sneaky plays – much of Detroit’s success through the air was attributed to Megatron, but the Lions like to air out the football and Jones will benefit. This week he faces the Indianapolis Colts, who have struggles in the secondary. With Tate occupying the attention of Vonte Davis, Jones should be able to have a break out performance with his new team at 2/3 the cost of Antonio Brown.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5800 9.6% 15.5%
DraftKings $5100 10.2% 19.6%

The Ex-Bengal train keeps running with Sanu, who comes to a Falcons team that has been in desperate need of a legitimate #2 WR threat opposite of Julio Jones. It was Roddy White for some time, and then maybe Tony Gonzalez for a season, but Sanu should be able to open up the field for Julio in ways that none of their previous wide receivers have been able to. Jones will continue to occupy the coverage, and Sanu will stretch the defense. For 9% of your salary, take a chance on the guy who will get at least three deep balls from Matt Ryan come Sunday.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $4800 8% 15.5%
DraftKings $4000 8% 19.6%

This is a shot in the dark value pick. But let’s be real – who else is going to catch the ball in SF? Torrey Smith will run the deep routes and Vance McDonald will be working the Rams’ linebackers underneath throughout the night. That leaves Quinton Patton cleaning it up. The Huddle has him projected at 4 catches for 60 yards and a TD, which feels exactly like where he should be. Don’t take him as a WR2 by any means, but if you are looking for a solid selection at WR3 with the limited funds you have left – Patton could give you something to root for on Monday night.


Cost Cap Percent #1’s Cap Percent
FanDuel $5700 9.5% 14.5%
DraftKings $4300 8.6% 14.8%

We have said it before and will continue to say it – tight ends are a rookie quarterback’s best friend. Right now, we aren’t sure how the Eagles will fair offensively, but we do know that with Carson Wentz under center the TE will get a little bit more action than usual. Ertz has proven that he is a reliable pass catcher, and if Pederson uses Ertz similar to what we saw from Kelce last season in Kansas City, that 9% you’re paying for Ertz this week could cost 12-13% in the not too distant future.

Other Tight End Considerations

Coby Fleener comes into the 2016-2017 season as one of my favorite TE options. The first viable TE to step into the void left by Jimmy Graham, Fleener will cost you as little as $5400 this week in Fan Duel leagues, with the upside of… well… Jimmy Graham, circa 2014. You heard it here first.


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