Old faces, new places: Adrian Peterson

Old faces, new places: Adrian Peterson

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Old faces, new places: Adrian Peterson


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Note: This is an update to a previously published analysis.

When Adrian Peterson signed with the New Orleans Saints just before the NFL draft, David Dorey jotted down his thoughts on the upcoming fantasy expectations for the storied rusher.

Only one noteworthy aspect has changed for Peterson and the Saints since David’s piece: New Orleans added rookie runner Alvin Kamara in the draft.

How does this change anything for Peterson? It probably doesn’t. Peterson is 32 years old and a limited receiver. Far more versatile, Kamara the future of this backfield. In 2017, however, it seems unlikely the rookie will play a significant role — or at least not one to impact Peterson’s time on the field. Kamara’s clearest paths to extra work include an injury to Peterson or Mark Ingram, or as a pass-catching specialist. In other words, he is not a direct threat to “All Day.”

Be sure to check out David’s piece for the full impact of Peterson joining the Saints and his fantasy value. Better yet, sign up for our draft kit to see David’s projections and fantasy football rankings for the entire Saints backfield.


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