Fantasy schedule impact: Quarterbacks

Fantasy schedule impact: Quarterbacks

NFL and Fantasy Football Strength of Schedule

Fantasy schedule impact: Quarterbacks


Schedules are the only guaranteed difference between one year and the next. An important difference.

There are many reasons why a player never exactly repeats his season production. There could be new coaches and systems to learn. There could be new personnel on offense. There could be the physical effects from injuries or just aging.

But there will always be a different schedule.

Here are the different measurements of schedule strength for a more detailed view for all teams.

Fantasy Strength of Schedule Series

Strength of Schedule Swings

Here is the combined look for quarterbacks and receivers that will see either the best or worst schedules this season.

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Best change in Strength of Schedule

The improvement in rank for schedules between 2016 and 2017.  The lower the rank, the easier the schedule.

MIN – Sam Bradford (18 – 1)
GB – Aaron Rodgers (24 – 6)
TEN – Marcus Mariota (29 – 15)
NO – Drew Brees (16 – 7)
JAC – Blake Bortles (25 – 11)
CAR – Cam Newton (14 – 5)

Worst decline in schedule strength from 2016

The decline in rank for schedules between 2016 and 2017.  The higher the rank, the tougher the schedule.

LAR – Jared Goff (8 – 26)
IND – Andrew Luck (30 – 32)
SF – Brian Hoyer (21 – 31)
WAS – Kirk Cousins (15 – 28)
DEN – Trevor Siemian (9 – 21)
NYG – Eli Manning (1 – 12)

Best overall schedules

Considers the number of easiest (Good) and toughest (bad) matchups and the total season point difference from an average schedule.

MIN – Sam Bradford (8 good, 1 bad, +26.7 pts)
BAL – Joe Flacco (8 good, 3 bad, +14.8)
CHI – Mike Glennon (7 good, 3 bad, 14.4 pts)
CAR – Cam Newton (6 good, 2 bad, +14.3 pts)
GB – Aaron Rodgers (6 good, 3 bad, +10.6 pts)

Worst overall schedules

IND – Andrew Luck (3 good, 10 bad, -25.2 pts)
PHI – Carson Wentz (2 good, 6 bad, -17.8 pts)
WAS – Kirk Cousins (3 good, 6 bad, -17.5 pts)
SF – Brian Hoyer (3 good, 8 bad, -14.7 pts)

Best six game opening (Favorable/Unfavorable)

NE – Tom Brady (KC, @NO, HOU, CAR, @TB, @NYJ)
MIN – Sam Bradford (NO, @PIT, TB, DET, @CHI, GB)
CIN – Andy Dalton (BAL, HOU, @GB, @CLE, BUF, @PIT)
MIA – Jay Cutler (TB, @LAC, @NYJ, NO, TEN, @ATL)
JAC – Blake Bortles (@HOU, TEN, BAL, @NYJ, @PIT, LAR)
ATL- Matt Ryan (@CHI, GB, @DET, BUF, MIA, @NE)

Worst six game opening

PIT – Ben Roethlisberger (@CLE, MIN, @CHI, @BAL, JAC, @KC)
TEN – Marcus Mariota (OAK, @JAC, SEA, @HOU, @MIA, IND)
PHI – Carson Wentz (@WAS, @KC, NYG, @LAC, ARI, @CAR)
CLE – Someone  (PIT, @BAL, @IND, CIN, NYJ, @HOU)
DEN – Trevor Siemian (LAC, DAL, @BUF, OAK, BYE, NYG)

Best playoff schedules (Week 14 to 16)

CLE – Someone  (GB, BAL, @CHI)
ATL – Matt Ryan (NO, @TB, @NO)
DET – Matthew Stafford (@TB, CHI, @CIN)
TEN – Marcus Mariota (@ARI, @SF, LAR)
LAR – Jared Goff (PHI, @SEA, @TEN)
CAR – Cam Newton (MIN, GB, TB)

Worst playoff schedules (Week 14 to 16)

IND – Andrew Luck (@BUF, DEN, @BAL)
WAS – Kirk Cousins (@LAC, ARI, DEN)
OAK – Derek Carr (@KC, DAL, @PHI)
MIA  – Jay Cutler (NE, @BUF, @KC)
HOU – Tom Savage (SF, @JAC, PIT)


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