2018 Player Efficiency Rankings

2018 Player Efficiency Rankings

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2018 Player Efficiency Rankings


Lost in the total numbers are how well players did in various “per game” categories and such. These show how well top players matched up to others in his position.

Passes Per TD Passes Per Sack Passes Per Interception
Patrick Mahomes 11.6 Andrew Luck 35.5 Aaron Rodgers 298.5
Russell Wilson 12.2 Drew Brees 28.8 Drew Brees 97.8
Ryan Fitzpatrick 14.5 Ben Roethlisberger 28.1 Matt Ryan 86.9
Drew Brees 15.3 Tom Brady 27.1 Dak Prescott 65.8
Philip Rivers 15.9 Joe Flacco 23.7 Alex Smith 65.6
Ryan Tannehill 16.1 Patrick Mahomes 22.3 Joe Flacco 63.2
Andrew Luck 16.4 Blaine Gabbert 20.2 Russell Wilson 61.0
Matt Ryan 17.4 Baker Mayfield 19.4 Kirk Cousins 60.6
Andy Dalton 17.4 Mitchell Trubisky 18.1 Carson Wentz 57.3
Jared Goff 17.5 Ryan Fitzpatrick 17.6 Lamar Jackson 56.7

No surprises with Patrick Mahomes throwing touchdowns but Russell Wilson always does a lot with whatever receivers he has. The improvements in the Colts offensive line have really paid off in keeping Andrew Luck standing up and throwing downfield. These teams gain an advantage with more time to throw.  Aaron Rodgers showed his efficiency with three times as many passes thrown before any interception than any other quarterback.

Completion % Rush Yards Per Game Pass Yards Per Game
Drew Brees 74% Josh Allen 53 Ben Roethlisberger 321
Kirk Cousins 70% Lamar Jackson 46 Patrick Mahomes 319
Carson Wentz 70% Cam Newton 35 Matt Ryan 308
Matt Ryan 69% Deshaun Watson 34 Ryan Fitzpatrick 296
Derek Carr 69% Mitchell Trubisky 30 Jared Goff 293
Marcus Mariota 69% Blake Bortles 28 Andrew Luck 287
Deshaun Watson 68% Jameis Winston 26 Nick Mullens 285
Philip Rivers 68% Marcus Mariota 26 Carson Wentz 279
Cam Newton 68% Russell Wilson 24 Aaron Rodgers 278
Dak Prescott 68% Dak Prescott 19 Joe Flacco 274

It is interesting that several quarterbacks prone to rushing the ball still had high completion rates. 2019 will be an interesting year for the Bills with Josh Allen likely to improve as a passer and yet already he ranks tops in rushing yards per game – more than even Lamar Jackson. Three quarterbacks rated tops with more than 300 yards per game but top-dog Ben Roethlisberger is likely to fall without Antonio Brown this year.

Yards Per Rush Rush Yards Per Game Total Yards Per Game
C.J. Anderson 6.0 Ezekiel Elliott 95.6 Ezekiel Elliott 133.4
Jordan Wilkins 5.6 Todd Gurley 89.4 Todd Gurley 130.8
Aaron Jones 5.5 Joe Mixon 83.4 Saquon Barkley 126.8
Kerryon Johnson 5.4 Chris Carson 82.2 Christian McCaffrey 122.8
Phillip Lindsay 5.4 Saquon Barkley 81.7 Melvin Gordon III 114.6
Devontae Booker 5.4 Marlon Mack 75.7 James Conner 113.1
Matt Breida 5.3 Kareem Hunt 74.9 Kareem Hunt 109.3
Kalen Ballage 5.3 James Conner 74.8 Alvin Kamara 106.1
Gus Edwards 5.2 Melvin Gordon III 73.8 Joe Mixon 104.6
Austin Ekeler 5.2 Sony Michel 71.6 Chris Carson 93.9

Surprising that so many rookies rushed for high yardage-per-carry like Jordan Wilkins, Kerryon Johnson, Phillip Lindsay, Kalen Ballage and  Gus Edwards. But none carried the ball as much as elite backs and Lindsay was the busiest with only 192 carries. Ezekiel Elliott and Todd Gurley were tops in yardage, at least up through the Divisional Rounds of the playoffs.

Receiving Yards Per Game Receiving Yards Per Catch Catches Per Game
Julio Jones 104.8 Breshad Perriman 21.3 Michael Thomas 7.8
DeAndre Hopkins 98.3 Robert Foster 20.0 Davante Adams 7.4
Mike Evans 95.3 DeSean Jackson 18.9 DeAndre Hopkins 7.2
Tyreek Hill 92.4 Josh Gordon 18.0 Julio Jones 7.1
Davante Adams 92.4 Mike Evans 17.7 Adam Thielen 7.1
T.Y. Hilton 90.7 Dante Pettis 17.3 JuJu Smith-Schuster 6.9
JuJu Smith-Schuster 89.1 Marquise Goodwin 17.2 Antonio Brown 6.9
Michael Thomas 87.8 David Moore 17.1 Stefon Diggs 6.8
Odell Beckham Jr 87.7 John Brown 17.0 Keenan Allen 6.5
Antonio Brown 86.5 Tyreek Hill 17.0 Odell Beckham Jr 6.4

Most interesting was the yards-per-catch stat that should be considered for 2019 valuations. Breshad Perriman, Robert Foster and Dante Pettis all showed up later in the year. Marquise Goodwin gets Jimmy Garoppolo back. At the least, these are players worth watching.

Targets Per Game % Targets Caught
Davante Adams 11.3 Michael Thomas 85%
Antonio Brown 11.2 Ryan Switzer 82%
Julio Jones 10.6 Tyler Lockett 81%
JuJu Smith-Schuster 10.4 Phillip Dorsett 76%
Odell Beckham Jr 10.3 Chris Moore 76%
DeAndre Hopkins 10.2 Cordarrelle Patterson 75%
Stefon Diggs 9.9 Cole Beasley 75%
Adam Thielen 9.6 Danny Amendola 75%
Jarvis Landry 9.3 Adam Thielen 74%
Michael Thomas 9.2 Jaron Brown 74%

While the higher the targets, the better the chance for catches. But more notable is how often they caught what they were thrown. Mostly this included the slot receivers with lower yards-per-catch but a valuable possession role.


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