Fantasy football's Weekly Warriors

Fantasy football's Weekly Warriors

Fantasy football statistical analysis

Fantasy football's Weekly Warriors


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There are plenty of ways to measure our fantasy players. Average fantasy points, season totals and such. One interesting look is to see how often they delivered difference-making fantasy points per week. With fantasy scoring all about rolling up the most points each week, here’s a break down of how often the best players delivered the goods from week to week.

For each fantasy position, the weekly points scored were sorted highest to lowest and then noted for those who scored the top points, in the top five and in the top 10.

Quarterbacks by the Week

No surprise that Patrick Mahomes dominated here, especially with over half of his games ended with a Top-5 weekly score. Ben Roethlisberger ended as the second-best quarterback overall but that came more from a few big games (at home). The biggest surprises were Mitchell Trubisky and Josh Allen. Trubisky had his best games to start the year and Allen ended on a strong note largely thanks to rushing the ball.

Running Backs by the Week

The Top 5 for running backs is most impressive given how many backs are used in a typical week. Todd Gurley was owning this category until his late-season flop. All the best backs in overall scoring show up here as well since running back tends to be the most consistent of all positions.

This shows the advantage of those top backs since most others don’t even end up in the Top 20 more than half of the time. James White was the biggest surprise here but both Tarik Cohen and even Austin Ekeler represented the “third down backs” well.

Tight Ends by the Week

This is the thinnest position so naturally, the top ten tight ends dominate the weekly results. Encouraging was how well O.J. Howard performed despite missing the final six games of 2018.  Jared Cook was another that actually played well and now trades Derek Carr for Drew Brees.

Wide Receivers by the Week

This metric really dropped Tyreek Hill thanks to his penchant for monster games and then quieter performances.  Davante Adams was the most consistently productive of them all last year and Robert Woods ended well here and in overall terms, though his second half of the season was much less productive.

Given that there are over 60 (and arguably 90) starting wideouts in most given weeks, landing in the Top 20 is hard enough and reach the Top 10 more than a few times is a mark of significant production. Outside of the 15 players that ended with at least half their games in the Top 20, all others provided any advantage less than half the time – if not significantly less.


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