Inside the Stats: Tight Ends

Inside the Stats: Tight Ends


Inside the Stats: Tight Ends


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It is a position where few stand out with fantasy relevance, so overall stats say about all you need to know about a tight end’s value. These are the 12 players with at least 50 catches for 2019 and are in an offensive system that will use the position enough to let them matter. Still, always good to know a bit more about the player talent level if only for the future should they change teams.

Notable Players:

George Kittle – He did not see as much work in the playoffs as the regular season, but he’s clearly one of the most talented players of the position. His only metric that wasn’t among the best was the yards before catch – the one thing he has nothing to do with. His catch percentage (79%), yards after catch (7.1), and broken tackles (8) were all best in the NFL.

Darren Waller – For the second year in a row, the Raiders produced a top fantasy tight end from a player that had never been nearly so productive in the past. Waller posted metrics very similar to Kittle and had no low marks in any category.

Mark Andrews – The Ravens don’t throw a lot and don’t limit themselves to just one tight end, but Andrews led the group with 13.3 yards per catch not unlike a wide receiver would do.

Tyler Higbee – His late-season explosion of 2019 is still hard to wrap a head around. Is he just a late-career Cinderella ready to return to pumpkin status or will he continue his head-scratching, elite performances?  His 78% catch rate was nearly the best in the league and he only dropped two passes.  One to watch to be sure.

Mike Gesicki – The other new face to fantasy tight ends actually fielded the No. 8 highest number of passing targets for the position. That alone makes the third-year former second-round pick on the watch list for 2020. He’s on a trajectory for a breakout season and never dropped a pass last year.


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