Consistency Rankings - Wide Receivers

Consistency Rankings - Wide Receivers

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Consistency Rankings - Wide Receivers


Below is each wide receiver that played at least eight games and that scored at least 15 fantasy points in at least 25% of the games that they played. The fantasy scoring used was 1 point per  10 yards rushed or received and with six-point touchdowns and one point per reception.


2020 had a slight uptick in the number of wideouts that scored at least 15 fantasy points in over  half of their games. 2019 only managed nine players while 2020 saw 12 hit that mark. More notable was that Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, Stefon Diggs, and Calvin Ridley managed more than 70% while the previous season only witnessed Michael Thomas with more than 67%.

Julio Jones, Will Fuller, Chris Godwin, and Brandon Aiyuk all missed at least four games so their high rating may have been easier, especially for Will Fuller and Brandon Aiyuk.

There are around 25 receivers that hit roughly at around half of their games with 15 fantasy points. That’s enough for two for each fantasy team so there is depth at the position.


2020 may have been a pandemic year that added to the normal attrition of players, but the wide receivers actually were better than they were in 2019 when only one player (Michael Thomas) had more than nine 15-point games, while 2020 served up  five. Thomas was also the only receiver with more than six 100-yard games, while another five hit that mark last season.

The benefit for fantasy owners is that there were more fantasy points from the top players. That could reflect defenses struggling more with their opt-outs and COVID-19 absences. The position always experiences a constant churn of which players are best each year, but the consistency overall has been better.

BEST over last three years

Davante Adams deserves the high mark, but it is surprising how many “off seasons” even elite receivers experience. Remember too, players like quarterbacks and running backs have their consistency boosted from heavy workloads relative to all other positions. A wide receiver that averages five catches a game only ends with 80 receptions. Anytime a receiver can turn in a good game more than half the time is a difference-maker. He does that while two to four other wideouts on his own team are also attracting targets.

Changing quarterbacks also makes a difference. DeAndre Hopkins fell a bit when he switched from Deshaun Watson to Kyler Murray, while Stefon Diggs went from good to great switching over to Josh Allen in 2020.

Consistency is most impressive with wide receivers, and yet that is heavily influenced by their quarterback. A high ranking says as much about who is throwing the ball as who is catching it.


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