Consistency Rankings - Tight Ends

Consistency Rankings - Tight Ends

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Consistency Rankings - Tight Ends


Below is each tight end that played at least eight games and scored at least ten fantasy points in at least 20% of their games. The fantasy scoring used was 1 point per  10 yards rushed or received and with six-point touchdowns and one point per reception.


Tight ends are notoriously bad at scoring fantasy points relative to the other positions and last year only Travis Kelce and Darren Waller made any significant difference on fantasy rosters. About a dozen that produced at least ten fantasy points in half or more of their games.

George Kittle and Zack Ertz were top players in 2019 but suffered through injury and offensive problems. Austin Hooper was one of the most consistent tight ends (77%) in 2019 but changed teams and dropped significantly.

The surprises from last season were Logan Thomas (63%) and Robert Tonyan (60%) who were both Top-5 for consistency and yet had never done much in their previous careers. The Top-5 tight ends are all that matter in fantasy but one or two usually surprise each season.


The position did not fare as well as it had in 2019. There were only two tight ends with more than three 75-yard games for 2020 and yet seven players with four or more the previous year. There were a few tight ends that excelled at scoring – like Robert Tonyan – but fewer turning in high yardage. Again – there are so few tight ends that make any difference in fantasy but at least a couple that surprise.

BEST over last three years

Hunter Henry did well ignoring his lost 2018 season, but he’s never played all 16 games in any season so his consistency gets an asterisk.  Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Darren Waller have run away with the value in the position. Zach Ertz spent several seasons in the top grouping but looked like he was heading downhill and gaining speed last year.

Notable too is that the scoring is much less in the position with just 10 points considered as a “good” game. Kelce, Kittle, and Waller have been both consistent and highly productive, so they’ll deservedly remain as the top drafted in the position again this year.


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