Better than average: Wide Receivers

Justin Jefferson

Better than average: Wide Receivers

Fantasy football statistical analysis

Better than average: Wide Receivers


The best measurement of a wide receiver is how they fared against a defense relative to all others that also faced that defense. That removes the element of schedule strength because the best game that the Rams allowed may only be an average one from a lesser defense.

The Top-8 fantasy performances against each defense were arrayed and each  wideout was recorded for how often they were in the Top-8, the Top-4 and Top-1 versus a defense last season.

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Adding up those numbers yields a BTA score since they are better than the average receiver that faced a defense. It also weighs the performances since a Top-1 also counts as a Top-4 and a Top-8.

Bottom line – this is about how well a player did against a defense relative to all the others in his position did when they faced them. It is far tougher to produce a Top-8 game as a wideout that any other position since in any given game, usually three or four wide receivers will play for an offense and elite wideouts receive far tougher coverage than any others on the field.

There was a lot of movement in this listing from 2020. Back then, the top BTA players included Michael Thomas, DeVante Parker, DJ Chark, Chris Godwin, and Kenny Golladay. They all declined for various reasons.

Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams, DeAndre Hopkins, Keenan Allen, and Mike Evans remained near the top.

Justin Jefferson’s phenomenal rookie year had him as the No. 5 wideout in this measurement. Diontae Johnson, Calvin Ridley, Stefon Diggs, and DK Metcalf rocketed up the listing from 2020. Even Brandon Aiyuk quietly put together an impressive rookie year.

These are the wide receivers that scored the most fantasy points allowed by a particular defense.

Again – there are at least three wideouts on every offense with fantasy points each week. Notching even one instance of the best game given up by a defense is impressive enough. Stefon Diggs shattered all expectations in his first season with the Bills.


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