Fantasy Football Roundtable: Season-long staff predictions

Fantasy Football Roundtable: Season-long staff predictions

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Fantasy Football Roundtable: Season-long staff predictions


The Huddle’s main “voice” comes through the keyboard of David Dorey, whether it be with his sleepers and value picks, or through his in-depth rankings and game previews.

In today’s exercise, we see how Dorey’s favored selections across an array of fantasy topics matches up with The Huddle regulars. Let’s see if we can form any kind of consensus, and even if we cannot, it is always fun to have a snapshot of differing opinions.

2021 fantasy football and NFL staff predictions


David Dorey: Kyler Murray
Cory J. Bonini: Josh Allen
Ken Pomponio: Josh Allen
Harley Schultz: Patrick Mahomes
Steve Gallo: Patrick Mahomes
HC Green: Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy football MVP?

DMD: Alvin Kamara
CJB: Kyler Murray
KP: Christian McCaffrey
HS: Aaron Rodgers
SG: Dalvin Cook
HCG: Kyler Murray

Fantasy football Offensive Rookie of the Year?

DMD: Najee Harris
CJB: Trey Sermon
KP: Najee Harris
HS: Najee Harris
SG: DeVonta Smith
HCG: Najee Harris

Must-have sleeper?

DMD: Rhamondre Stevenson
CJB: Anthony Firkser
KP: Marquez Callaway
HS: Russell Gage
SG: Corey Davis
HCG: Marquez Callaway

Must-have breakout player?

DMD: Clyde Edwards-Helaire
CJB: Henry Ruggs
KP: Antonio Gibson
HS: Marquez Callaway
SG: Bryan Edwards
HCG: Brandon Aiyuk

Favorite late-round flier?

DMD: Jakobi Meyers
CJB: Amon-Ra St. Brown
KP: Gabriel Davis
HS: Sterling Shepard
SG: Anthony Miller
HCG: Larry Rountree

Biggest bust?

DMD: Saquon Barkley
CJB: Joe Mixon
KP: Saquon Barkley
HS: Russell Wilson
SG: Derrick Henry
HCG: Josh Jacobs

Most surprising turnaround team (bad to good)?

DMD: 49ers
CJB: Broncos
KP: 49ers
HS: Panthers
SG: 49ers
HCG: Broncos

Most surprising drop-off team (good to bad)?

DMD: Buccaneers
CJB: Saints
KP: Saints
HS: Seahawks
SG: Saints
HCG: Seahawks

Divisional winners?

DMD: Bills, Ravens, Colts, Chiefs | Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Rams
CJB: Bills, Browns, Chiefs, Titans | Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams
KP: Bills, Browns, Titans, Chiefs | Washington, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams
HS: Bills, Browns, Titans, Chiefs | Washington, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams
SG: Bills, Browns, Colts, Chiefs | Eagles, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams
HCG: Bills, Ravens, Titans, Chiefs | Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers, Rams

Wild Card teams?

DMD: Patriots, Dolphins, Steelers | Buccaneers, Cardinals, Seahawks
CJB: Patriots, Broncos, Steelers | Washington, Cardinals, Seahawks
KP: Dolphins, Ravens, Broncos | 49ers, Seahawks, Cowboys
HS: Ravens, Chargers, Colts | Vikings, Cowboys, Cardinals
SG: Chargers, Ravens, Titans | Washington, Seahawks, Cardinals
HCG: Browns, Patriots, Broncos | 49ers, Saints, Washington

AFC Champion?

DMD: Bills
CJB: Bills
KP: Bills
HS: Chiefs
SG: Chiefs
HCG: Bills

NFC Champion?

DMD: Packers
CJB: Packers
KP: Rams
HS: Packers
SG: Buccaneers
HCG: Packers

Super Bowl Champion?

DMD: Packers
CJB: Bills
KP: Bills
HS: Chiefs
SG: Chiefs
HCG: Packers


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