2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: WR Wan'Dale Robinson, Kentucky

2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: WR Wan'Dale Robinson, Kentucky

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2022 NFL Draft Scouting Report: WR Wan'Dale Robinson, Kentucky


Wan’Dale Robinson won the Kentucky Mr. Football as a high school senior in 2018 and he was an elite athlete that played quarterback, receiver,  running back, safety, linebacker, punt returner and kick returner. He initially committed to Kentucky but then switched to Nebraska.

Robinson entered his college career as a hybrid player that was primarily a running back. His usage was more evenly split as a sophomore when he totaled 97 touches. Robinson wanted to be a wideout, so he entered the transfer portal for 2021 and committed back to Kentucky where he played for one season as a dominating receiving. He ended with 104 catches that included eight games with at least eight receptions while playing in the SEC.

Height: 5-8
Weight: 178 pounds
40 time: 4.44 seconds

One of his knocks will be that his college measurements were given as 5-11 in height and 185 pounds. At the NFL Combine, he became 5-8 and 178 pounds. That’s lighter than almost any other starting wideout in the NFL. DeVonta Smith was drafted last year at 175, but now lists at 180. But he’s also 6-0, not a diminutive 5-8.

There’s no denying how well he played against top college competition last year, and he’s been a sore spot for Nebraska’s head coach Scott Frost since he did not use him to his potential. There are plenty of promising characteristics for Robinson, but they’ll balance against the few notable concerns.

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Table: Wan’Dale Robinson NCAA stats (2018-21)

Year School Games Catch Yards Avg. TD Runs Yards TD
2019 Nebraska 10 40 453 11.3 2 88 340 5
2020 Nebraska 8 51 461 9.0 1 46 240 2
2021 Kentucky 13 104 1334 12.8 7 7 111 7


  • Deep threat playmaker
  • Explosive first step that creates and maintains separation
  • Dangerous in the open field
  • Can score on any play
  • Abuses coverage on vertical routes
  • Excelled against top SEC competition
  • Offers versatile usage with rushing ability
  • Sharp route runner
  • Elite stop-and-go acceleration
  • Projects as a slot receiver that won’t be covered by a linebacker


  • Only one season as a starting wide receiver
  • Small frame (5-8, 178 pounds) biggest concern against elite NFL press coverage
  • Smaller catch radius
  • Not likely to be considered for outside role
  • Fast but not truly elite speed

Fantasy outlook

Wan’Dale Robinson has been an explosive playmaker that can impact the game on any catch. He was used as a true wideout in only one season but dominated secondaries when he did.  He’s been likened to Tyreek Hill though he’s a bit smaller (Hill 5-10, 185) and more importantly slower (4.44 vs. 4.29 40-times). Also to Brandin Cooks (5-10, 4.33 40-time). Those NFL wideouts have been highly successful, but their slightly larger frames and faster speed are undeniable difference makers.

Robinson should be a lock to play the slot. He’s been successful against top-end college defenses, but in a league where every defensive back was a star coverage back in college, he’ll have to prove himself again. Robinson won’t offer a big target radius for a quarterback who will need to be more accurate to connect with him. But – he runs precise routes and doesn’t drop passes.

The NFL is ever evolving, and there are more opportunities for versatile backs that can be used in a number of roles. Cooks and Hill aside, there are plenty of past receivers that couldn’t find success in the NFL after wowing in college thanks in large part to the realities of smaller size. And Robinson only played as a true starting wideout for one year (but 104 catches proved he made the transition with ease).

He could have a quieter rookie season learning the NFL way and how to apply his strengths against defenses. If he ends up with one of the more accurate quarterbacks in an offense that loves to pass, he’ll become a fantasy factor even this year. He’s most likely a third-round pick but will become a hot property on Day 3 if he falls that far.


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