Super Bowl Records

Super Bowl Records

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Super Bowl Records


Just in case the Chiefs-Eagles game produces high statistics, here are the top performances heading into Super Bowl LVII.


Tom Brady is well represented as expected, but Kurt Warner was a difference maker when he dropped back to pass. These are the best of the best, so it is a bit surprising that five quarterbacks threw at least four interceptions in a Super Bowl.


Timmy Smith only had just four carries in the regular season as a rookie. But he earned his first NFL-start in the Super Bowl and made history, but then held out the next summer, finally reported overweight, and had an uneven year marked by injuries (155-470-3). He was released the next year and only carried six more times in the NFL. Smith only had one notable game and it was his first start, but it also set the all-time rushing record of 204 rushing yards in a Super Bowl and he won the Super Bowl MVP. If you can time a career-best game, the Super Bowl is a great choice.


It seems only appropriate that Jerry Rice still holds the Super Bowl receiving yards record 33 years later. While the last 20 years held the highest catches, Pre-2000 was well represented in yardage. Muhsin Muhammad played 14 mostly moderate seasons in the NFL though he had his magic year in 2004. But he left his mark in the record book when he caught an 85-yard touchdown against the Patriots in the 2003 Super Bowl.


Highest Game (75) 1994 49ers 49, Chargers 26
Lowest Game (16) 2018 Patriots 13, Rams 3
Highest Team (55) 1990 49ers
Lowest Team (3) 2018 Rams, 1971 Cowboys
Highest Point Differential (45) 1989 49ers 55, Broncos 10
Lowest Point Differential (1) 1991 Giants 20, Bills 19

Field Goals

Longest (54) Steve Christi, Bills
Most (4) Don Chandler, Ray Wersching


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