History of The Huddle & The Huddle Team

History of The Huddle & The Huddle Team

History of The Huddle & The Huddle Team

Founded in 1997, The Huddle was an outlet for a couple of obsessed fantasy football fans to supply their analysis and writings covering the greatest sport ever played. The site was intended to be a sort of gathering spot between the sidelines and actual game. A place for the fantasy football hobbyist to visit and exchange views, pick up some new tips and strategies or get a different slant on a particular player. The site was honored that first year by being voted the #2 fantasy football web site in the Annual Internet Sports Awards.

Following that first year, and for five years in a row The Huddle was voted the #1 fantasy football web site in the Annual Internet Sports Awards. In 2006 The Huddle was honored by winning the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) Award for Best Online Draft Kit. We’ve been a finalist for that award and for Best Online Fantasy Service five times. Through our writers, our content, our partnerships, and just as importantly the many “huddlers” that have been with us for years, we bring together a full team that helps our membrers make fantasy football a fun, successful and rewarding hobby.

The Huddle has experienced phenomenal growth since that initial season in 1997, growing to become the most popular free fantasy football destination on the Internet in 2000. Always the innovators and never the followers, The Huddle lead the fantasy football industry into the future by becoming the first and most successful subscription fantasy football site in 2001. Since that time thousands of new “huddlers” join our ranks every season.

The Huddle provides cheat sheets, articles, tools, analysis, news and player rankings for draft help each summer, but it does not stop there. For each week of the season, you will find insightful, helpful columns and articles to assist fantasy team owners in managing their team successfully. With player projections, game predictions, starting lineup advice, roster recommendations, breaking news and more there is something for everyone each week of the regular season. Before the game starts, The Huddle is the place to be.

The Huddle Founders

David Dorey
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Huddle co-founder David Dorey has been involved in fantasy football since 1991 and along with Whit Walters has been bringing The Huddle to the Internet since 1997. David was the original creator of many of the types of fantasy football analysis now common throughout the industry which includes schedule strength by position, consistency rankings and numerous statistical measurements.

David has been offering game predictions and player projections since 1996. His game predictions are always among the best available anywhere every season and he’s consistently been among the top in the industry in evaluating players and putting together fantasy teams. David is the current leading expert in ranking players according to the Fantasy Index magazine and has won numerous leagues and awards including the national The Draft 2006 competition.

He has been published on numerous other web sites outside of The Huddle and is the author of Fantasy Football: The Next Level which was published by Warner Books in August of 2007. Former host of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and a guest on over 30 radio stations, he is a member of both the Pro Football Writers of America and the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Whit Walters
Huddle co-founder Whit Walters has been active in the fantasy sports industry for twenty-seven years. His and David’s vision in 1997 for fantasy football information on the Internet has played a key role in shaping how the industry delivers that information on the Web today.

Whit’s primary roles at The Huddle focus on managing the business and designing and maintaining the web site. He also continues to produce a few other tidbits of content for The Huddle. Over his career he’s been featured on FOX Sports and numerous other web sites and print publications, even finding some time to guest on a few sports radio shows across the country. He’s a two year champion of the SOFA League, a collection of some of the top talent in the fantasy football industry.

Since establishing the Bithead Fantasy Football League in 1990 with 11 co-workers, Whit’s been either a league commissioner or fantasy player for the past 27 years. He prides himself on always running his leagues with integrity and always being competitive as a team owner. He rarely has a losing season (only four ever) and has brought home a few championships along the way.

Whit has been a long-standing member of The Fantasy Sports Trade Association Board of Directors and the Pro Football Writers of America. Prior to obtaining the dream of creating The Huddle, Whit worked in the information processing industry as a Systems Engineer for Electronic Data Systems and as a Senior Programming Consultant for IBM IT Services and the State of California.

Staff NFL Analyst

Steve Gallo
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Steve is a veteran fantasy football player who focuses entirely on IDP and balks at playing in non-IDP leagues. When it comes to fantasy football, Steve has two passions: IDP & stats. He is the author of “Defensive Scheme Matters”, a must-read for all IDP players. The IDP metric “TOP” (tackle opportunity production) can also be attributed to Steve and is used in much of his player analysis. He has won multiple Fantasy Bowl championships, including the Huddle’s IDP Expert Mock league in 2005. Fantasy wise he roots for many different players, but when it comes to the NFL he is a lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Kyle Holmes
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With over a decade of fantasy football experience, and seven years of IDP dynasty competition, Kyle has been living and breathing fantasy football since Tom Brady blatantly fumbled (and certainly did not tuck) the ball in the “Snow Bowl” against the Oakland Raiders. Despite using his first ever draft pick on Deuce McAllister, Kyle went on to have several successful tenures as his leagues’ commissioner, numerous winning seasons in both redraft and dynasty leagues, and three consecutive appearances in his IDP dynasty league’s championship game. Kyle is a graduate of UC Davis with a B.A. in English and a M.A. in Education, and currently teaches high school sports journalism in Granite Bay, CA. When he’s not teaching, writing or managing his fantasy teams, you can find him on the couch supporting Bay Area sports teams, especially the Silver & Black and Cal Golden Bears.

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