Huddle Testimonials

Huddle Testimonials

Huddle Testimonials

Here is just what a few Huddle members have to say about us.

“There is no way that you can be serious about Fantasy Football without an Internet service.  The Huddle provides me with invaluable information.  It is the easiest and less expensive way to separate yourself from your competitors.  There is no way that I could have won the $200,000 WCOFF Championship without the Huddle.  The quality of information is outstanding.  Being in 4 leagues does not take as much time as some may think because the Huddle makes it easy and fast.  If you want to win your league use the Huddle.”
  – Paul Friel – WCOFF $200,000 Champion

“I’ve been a Huddle member for two years.  The first year we won the “points” title but lost the first round of the playoffs. This year we took everything points, record, ranking, $$$$$, and THE CHAMPIONSHIP!!  I must say that your timely insights helped us draft and maintain the best team from top to bottom throughout the entire season. Thanks a million and see you next season.”
  – Jerry Mitchell

“I have been a subscriber to The Huddle for a few years.  I have other online subscriptions to different publications, but I find The Huddle to be the most accurate and timely.  Through the information I obtain from The Huddle, I have a definite advantage on acquiring players far in advance of my competition.  The Huddle is the first publication I renewed this year and so far the only one.  Thanks for helping me keep ahead of the pack.”
  – Jim C. Fultz

“I have been a member of The Huddle for 9 years. I find The Huddle’s information very helpful in my draft league as well as any salary cap game like “”. Player rankings for many different scoring systems, where each position is ranked in tiers for easy comparison and also includes projected stats for these players. The article about ranking players on the basis of good game consistency (BTA) helps you identify the players that will truly help you win a championship. The Huddle has the best ‘Ease of Schedule’ ranking system I have ever seen.”
  – Kenny Hegmann – Mr. Fantasy Football $30,000 Champion

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“I just wanted to send you a quick note saying thanks for all that you do. Thanks to the work of you and your team, I was able to win my 2nd fantasy superbowl in 3 years, yesterday, on the off year I was the runner up.”
  – Dan Wilkinson

“I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for leading me to yet another League Championship in our 12 team league! This is my 6th Championship in 8 years since I started using the Huddle as my one and only source of fantasy football information. You guys continue to deliver the best service on the net, and I could not have the success I’ve had without your service! Keep up the good work, and count me IN as a “Huddler” for life!”
  – Mike Franklin

“Just a quick note to let you know I’m almost $50 richer this morning, as I won my league’s Super Bowl for the third time in five years, led by Stafford, Megatron, Welker, Shady, Marshall, Cruz, Sproles and Akers. One of the best teams I’ve ever managed. MERCY! Thanks to the Huddle staff for providing insightful analysis all season long—and some of the snappiest writing of all time. Couldn’t have done it without you.”
  – Ken from Milwaukee

“I must say once again, thanks to your timely insights and the most professional Fantasy Football website available I can claim the title of CHAMPION. After a five year leave from playing, I came back to The Huddle for help and you delivered in spades. You guys make it fun and personal. I have to tell you that I don’t share The Huddle with anybody because it’s pure gold!. I like being the CHAMP. I can’t wait until next year.”
  – Jerry Mitchell

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“As usual you haven’t let us down on your constant pursuit of perfection in the materials you provide for your subscribers, and for that I will stay a loyal member.  I truly believe that the information you provide is a major reason for my fantasy leagues successes!  Thank you very much, and keep up the great work!”
  – Wes Bartrom

“I just want to thank you and your Huddle staff. I just won our fantasy super bowl tonight!  Your site is amazing. Your drafting tools are right on target. I really appreciate everything your site has to offer.”
  – Steven Arenzon

I must thank you for a MOST successful season for my Mean Machine fantasy team. It’s the 3rd time in 4 years that I’ve won my 32 team league and the FIRST time I picked up the $$$ in winning the SB playoff pool. Your player predictions are truly AMAZING. All anyone must see, is the predictions on this year’s SB. Missed the final score by TWO points!!! Thanks again and will look forward to joining the Huddle again next season.
  – Rich Bassi

Just wanted you to know that because of The Huddle I won my league (16 Teams) Super Bowl this year. Thanks for all the great information!
  – Keith Brown

I just wanted to applaud the tremendous job you guys do with The Huddle. I wanted to say thanks for all the help your web site has given me over the last 3 years. I have been a fantasy footballer for 15 years and know the game inside and out. Though I have always been successful, I think the information I can access through your web site has been invaluable over the last 3 seasons. I have finished first in total points in an National Fantasy Football Championship league 3 years in a row along with winning a couple other private leagues. I have turned numerous friends onto your site.
  – James Mack

I’ve been in 5 leagues in the past 2 years and I was crowned Champion in 3 out of the 5 leagues this year. Needless to say, I’ll be renewng next year.
  – KC Nebres

New member this year and absolutely love your web site for Fantasy Football information. Keep up the great work.
  – Scott McCoy

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I just wanted to let you know that I love your web site.  I have been a subscriber for a few years now and I never feel a need to look anywhere else for better information.  As long as i participate in fantasy football you will have me as a customer. Keep up the good work.
  – Scott Drew

I’ve been with you pretty much since the beginning (albeit with different user names). I was flipping thru this week’s SBL and updated projections, when I sat back and looked at the amazing number of tools and sorting methods you guys have put together. It’s really fantastic, a passion. Congratulations on a successful 10 year journey – looking forward to the next 10.
  – Lance Cooley

I don’t usually do this, that is send fan mail, but I have to say I’m officially a huge fan of The Huddle! I’ve been a member of The Huddle for three years and each year I say to myself “Why am I spending money to play Fantasy Football let alone paying for research?”  But each year I pony up and am always glad I did.  Each of the years I have played in least three leagues and have decided that that’s all I can handle.  Each of the years I have won the championship in one of the leagues which are attributed to The Huddle. This year is different.  I think I have done something that might be fairly unique.  I am in 3 Super Bowls!
  – Kenny Barnes

I wanted to let someone at The Huddle know that thanks to your drafting info and in-season advice I won my second Fantasy Football Superbowl in a row. This makes 4 super bowl championships for me and at least 6 playoffs since I started using the huddle! You guys make me look like a genius!
  – Tom “Tominators” Ray

Just a short note to say “Thanks!!” I subscribed to “The Huddle” this year based on the recommendation of a colleague at work.  It is by far the best Fantasy Football site I have used.  I was in 3 leagues this year; and I followed all of The Huddle recommendations as close as I could. The results……(drum roll)……….. 2 Firsts & a Second!! THANK  YOU!! I will be renewing in July!!
  – Bob Daniels

I just wanted to take a moment and say a big Thank You for providing such a great fantasy football information service! I’ve been playing fantasy football for over 20 years now, and when I first began never needed any advice on how to win a league. But now that fantasy football has evolved so much and so much information is available out there, leagues are much more competitive, and I had lost my edge, making Championships  hard to come by. But now that I’ve found you guys, I’m back!! This is my second season using The Huddle and I won all 3 of my leagues this year! (and several of my league members use I am in very competitive leagues. This was a banner year for me or anyone that plays the game! You’ve got me as a subscriber for life! Keep up the great work, and Thank You!
  – Michael D. Franklin

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This year I used your site for help in my fantasy football contests. I just won the Head2head Masters Challenge and won $5100.00. Thank You for your help.
  – Kent Fincke

I finally won the Championship in a 12 team league of tough dedicated diehard fantasy football fans (Cluster Fluffed Fantasy Football League) in Kitsap County, Washington. I have been taking your advice for a long time. Here’s what you have done for me… 4th, 4th, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st.  I won this year with a 12-4 record. Your site has been very accurate all these years and will guarantee I’ll be a lifetime Huddle subscriber. Keep up the good work.
  – Bret Halffman

I just wanted to thank you AGAIN for your Huddle website. I have won my fantasy football league for the second year in a row.  I am in a real competitive 12 person (PPR) league and mistakenly gave 5 people my secret… “The Huddle.”  They will all be subscribing next year, so the playing field should even out….your welcome!
  – Christopher Herb

Great site. You helped me win my league. Our league is the WFFL and I was the head to head champion and total point champion. Could not have done it without “The Huddle”.
  – Bob Zipfel

Just wanted to say thank you for another great year. I won my 3rd fantasy super bowl this year with the help of Thanks for all your team members hard work throughout the year, keep up the great work.
  – Jason

Just wanted to thank you guys. I have been playing in a FF league for the last 4 years and this was the first year that I used your services, and guess what? I won my championship. So you have a client for life.
  – Alex Santa Cruz

Just wanted to say thanks to “The Huddle” for helping me win my Fantasy Football League this year.  I couldn’t have done it without “The Huddle.” I have been a member for three years and have won twice and was runner-up the other time.
  – Rick Corbin

Our goal is to provide fantasy football fanatics with the best resource on the Internet. For only $34.95, The Huddle is also the best value you’ll find on the web.

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